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BarCamp for businesses

Originated in the U.S., the conference format BarCamp has established a strong trend since its inception in 2005. But why is it extremely attractive for corporations? The established types of meetings in industry, science and politics demand and encourage participants to be inactive. Topics in congresses, conferences and seminars often are determined months ahead and are being repeated year by year, even though active participation is key to inspiration and motivation.  How can there be room for surprises when every minute is planned out and active participation is limited to a few minutes of questions?

The BarCamp concept is a solution to this dilemma. As the synonym “Un-Conference” suggests, besides the location and participants only a few things are determined prior to the meeting.  Just at the beginning of the event, the grid of empty session windows is spontaneously filled with topics and speakers from the floor. Some have specifically prepared sessions, others speak freely about their field of expertise.

The result is an exciting, harmonious co-existence of serious, abstract and entertaining approaches. Because the audience can choose from several parallel sessions and can move on quickly when they want to the audience is interested and motivated. In other words:  The energy level is unusually high.

The relaxed atmosphere in small groups allows constructively-critical discussions at eye level. Since every participant theoretically is a speaker too, there are no rigid hierarchies, that otherwise impede the flow of information and innovation.

Many of tomorrow’s successful ideas are already in employees’ minds. With a healthy mix of networking and responsibility structure enterprises can consciously ignite processes for more innovation, communication and cooperation at a BarCamp. They can extract the immense potential of practical knowledge and ideas from a grassroots level.

How can doubleYUU help me out with a BarCamp?

We support larger organizations in implementing modern management concepts and application of innovative event formats. From years of practice, we recommend companies slightly modified BarCamp formats: A combination of determined high-quality contributions and free workshops motivates skeptical potential participants to register and creates space for those non-predictable golden success moments in which, based on a brief statement, the solution for urgent and expensive labor problems arise, at the same time. Representatives of modern management philosophy already suspect: The major effect of  a BarCamp is not displayed on the event itself but at targeted preparation and postprocession as a recurring element in the company’s development process.

At doubleYUU we offer assistance in the implementation of numerous forms of open events for companies such as BarCamp, OpenSpace, FedExDay or hands-on workshops.

A BarCamp for your company?
We advise competently in choosing the right event format to promote your company-intern innovationprocess and support the implementation.

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