The software company that single-handedly almost changed the rules of the game in a billion-dollar market , wins this year’s Leader in the Digital Age Award in the category of “pioneer”: The leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software, impressed the jury of the Leader in the Digital Age Award (LIDA) not only because of its pioneering product portfolio, but also because the company internalized change, openness and agility as values ​​that drive the business.

Since the company was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, was solely focused on providing enterprise software via the Internet. Benioff, he was one of the first who recognized the potential of cloud computing. This allowed him to act more scalable, faster and more innovative as other software providers for the purposes of his customers.

Since offers solutions as a system for customer relationship management (CRM) through the cloud, it is standard to relate even the most complex business software systems in the cloud. This with minimal effort for customizing, high scalability and fast time-to-market. is a provider of cloud-based enterprise applications with more than 100,000 customers and an annual turnover of $ 3 billion. So it is one of the fastest growing software companies in the world and has already transformed large areas of traditional software business dramatically. was declared by Forbes magazine as the most innovative company in the world already twice in the row.

“ continues to grow and is the best proof of the triumph of cloud computing,” says Thomas Spreitzer, a member of the jury of the LIDA Award and CMO of T-Systems International. “Anyone who wants to create something in his business, no matter if marketing, sales, HR or finance, can not wait 2 years for the next IT development. The cloud therefore is a key element to make business faster and more flexibly. ”

Remarkably, besides the fact that Benioff has fundamentally changed the business models in field of enterprise software is the pace of innovation of the company itself. does not stick to the field of CRM software anymore.

To manage the social and mobile cloud applications for monitoring and marketing in social channels (Marketing Cloud), a fully integrated in-house social network (Chatter) and a complete platform for building applications to all business processes (Salesforce Platform) is set up. This allows and its customers to network much deeper with customers, partners, employees, and even products.