From zero to digitization in just a few days. The Corona pandemic is forcing nearly all companies to run digital within the shortest time. COVID-19 acts as an accelerator of digital transformation and disruption. This creates several big challenges that most companies now have to face up compulsorily – more or less well prepared.

Let’s just take a look at the areas of work organization and leadership. Almost all companies had to make it possible to work from home from one day to the next – and at the same time remain capable for work. They managed it. Many basic technical hurdles and the initial shock have now been overcome. Most can handle the situation, even if there are more difficult conditions, for example when childcare has to be provided during working hours as well.


Only a management geared to the virtual setting can prevent a decline in innovative power

 The Variation of how this new situation affects the work performance of many employees, teams and their managers is high. In addition to the increase in autonomy, which has a motivating effect on many employees, there are also some risks. Only a leadership that is aligned on the virtual setting can prevent feelings of isolation, a lower level of attachment to work and a decline in innovative strength.

Many managers grew up in hierarchically structured organizations and are therefore used to a transactional management style. The idea of leadership is often reduced to the exchange relation: performance for money.

However, this logic does not work within virtual leadership, which is in demand these days. In short: The demands on management have changed.

There remains the question how virtual leadership can work well. Five aspects are essential:

  1. Does the team have all the technical infrastructure and skills it needs?
  2. Are there clear goals and structures?
  3. Is communication and information communicated comprehensively and meaningfully?
  4. Is the team systematically developed and empowered?
  5. How can learning and development be ensured?

What are your answers to these questions? Are you prepared for the challenges of this new times?

You can find that out with our „Virtual Leadership Self-Test“. Test yourself and receive further information.