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Dr. Willms Buhse ist Experte für Digital Leadership, Gründer und CEO von doubleYUU, einer Managementberatung spezialisiert auf die Digitale Transformation.

Virtual Leadership self-test: How to lead successfully in times of Corona

From zero to digitization in just a few days. The Corona pandemic is forcing nearly all companies to run digital within the shortest time. COVID-19 acts as an accelerator of digital transformation and disruption. This creates several big challenges that most companies now have to face up compulsorily – more or less well prepared. Let's [...]

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Best Practice KNF Digital Accelerator: The key to success in digital transformation for family-owned enterprises

Digital transformation is a must for any organization. This is true for global actors as well as for medium-sized companies and family enterprises rich in tradition. And especially for these, the development of strategies and their pragmatic implementation require an individual approach. Which strategy would be most promising in tackling this challenge? What is the [...]

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Why German media house Axel Springer is not a good example of digital transformation, and why you should rather look at Bosch for inspiration

Whether in SMEs, big corporations or discussions with politicians, digital transformation is an ever-present topic nowadays. This also applies to my workshops. My participants and counterparts in various discussions often refer to the same success story from Germany: Axel Springer. Most of them tell the story as follows: A media corporation recognizes that the days [...]

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Best Practices at Evonik: Third Digital Lab Ecosystem Conference

Evonik, an international leader in specialized chemicals sells its products worldwide to a variety of industries such as the food, consumer goods, automotive, construction and agricultural industries. A forward-thinking leadership team, internal innovation initiatives and regular networking events have allowed Evonik to master the digital transformation process with flying colors. As a result, Evonik´s story [...]

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Digital Transformation and mid-sized businesses—a conversation with Martin Becker, CEO of the family-owned KNF company – Part 2

KNF has been a technological leader for decades. Numerous customers—from industries as varied as aerospace or Formula 1—trust KNF as a global, organically-growing supplier of long-lasting and reliable products. How KNF is using the challenges of the Digitalisation to their advantage is focus of thesecond part of our interview with Martin Becker, CEO of KNF. (You [...]

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Digital Transformation and mid-sized businesses—a conversation with Martin Becker, CEO of the family-owned KNF company – Part 1

KNF was founded in Freiburg im Breisgau in the year 1946 and began developing, producing and distributing diaphragm pumps in 1962. This family business, which is still independently owned today has continued to flourish since then, and has set new pump technology standards by pioneering its applications as well as by capturing new markets. In [...]

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The New Manager: Empowered Teams at Airbus

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote speech on Digital Leadership at Airbus. While there, I met Axel Flaig, Head of R&T (Research & Technology), who’s been working on promoting and implementing innovative leadership concepts for the past fifteen years. Mr. Flaig’s accomplishments clearly show that it is the work [...]

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Digital Customer Relationship

Not that customers were undemanding before the digitalization of the business world. But I find the letter that I received from one of my credit institutes last year outrageous. Let me briefly explain: My credit institute sent me a notice, stating that my checking account was overdrawn. They threatened to lock my credit card and [...]

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How to become a digital pioneer among mid-sized companies

One of the main arguments I presented during my keynote speech at the ELO Digital Office conference was the following: “More digital self-confidence!“ In front of an audience of about 700 people, many of them executives or owners of mid-sized companies, the subject at hand was the opportunities that going digital provides to businesses. The process of digital transformation provides a positive outlook in two respects: First of all, it provides the opportunity to increase efficiency and thus yield a higher level of productivity utilizing fewer resources. But mostly, it offers a chance to develop innovative business portfolios, which in turn translates into new and significantly improved products.

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