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Dr. Willms Buhse ist Experte für Digital Leadership, Gründer und CEO von doubleYUU, einer Managementberatung spezialisiert auf die Digitale Transformation.

Operating like a startup: How a digital mindset can be established in traditional companies

What makes a startup successful? It has the right idea at the right time. And it implements this idea in the market before anyone else does. Nowadays, 90 percent of all innovations are controlled digitally. Thus, big traditional companies have to integrate the mechanisms of startups in their culture in order to keep up with [...]

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Social Collaboration – Success comes with collaboration

Together we are more intelligent, faster, better. This fact also comes true in the digital age. Technologies like social intranet and platforms for social collaboration revolutionize how teams work together and interact. In contrast to conventional cooperation, which is based on traditional hierarchies, social collaboration means a new form of connected cooperation that is affected [...]

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The majority of executives still leads the old-fashioned way

  As part of our blog series about the digitalization of the working world and its consequences for businesses we now focus on the key part of digital transformation: leadership. Leadership – or management – has two levels of meaning: on the one hand it's about guiding the employees, on the other hand it's about [...]

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How to turn your business into a butterfly: 8 dimensions for a successfull digital transformation

  When it comes to change processes in companies, ’digital transformation’ is currently the most used buzz word. The term itself has two sticking points: ’digital’ and ’transformation’. As professional consultants we experience on a daily basis: If you want to explain to a decision-maker, why digital transformation is crucial for the company’s economic success, [...]

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Digital Transformation at SWR

"If the world around us changes, we can’t just stay the same way we were before" is the opinion of Philip Kurz of the Strategic Corporate Development of Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk (Southwest German Radio, SWR), the second largest broadcasting company under public law in Germany, ARD. Vernetzten statt versparten - Digitale Transformation at SWR (available [...]

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My trip to the supply chain days

Last week I was invited by Prof. Dueck  to address a keynote on "Digital Leadership - How Social Media organization changes operational processes in industrial enterprises " at the Supply Chain Days near Heidelberg. My presentation you find on Slideshare: Digital Leadership – Wie Social Media Organisation und operative Prozesse in Industrieunternehmen verändert from Willms [...]

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The phenomenon of Generation Y

An exciting weekend I spent with the extended board of a DAX company. I was invited as a keynote speaker and leader of workshop on Generation Y in the workplace and its meanings for managers. Five years after the initiation of dnadigital it could be sensed that- the generation is indeed "grown up" - but the [...]

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Four management-learnings from the “Facebook-Flood”

What can managers learn from the many examples of self-organization, collective intelligence and networked cooperation? In the management-blog of Wiwo I published four learnings that I want to mention once again.   1. Swarm intelligence works - but only with a clear objective Managers can in principle trust that people in everyday life, especially in [...]

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Flood-Relief in Dresden – a good example of collaboration in times of crisis

Source: facebook © Susanne Kailitz With the current events round the flood, we can again observe the power of nature. Viewed differently, we can also see the "wow"-effect collaboration, networking and cooperation can achieve. The affected cities are flooded not only in a negative way, but also by thousands of volunteers [...]

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Money alone does not make diligent

photo credit: calafellvalo via photopin cc Researchers realized this a few years ago. For a long time it was asumed that companies just need to wave with bank notes, and the employees motivation would skyrocket. Wrong. At least partly - because according to Dan Pink's book "Drive. Was Sie wirklich motiviert [what really [...]

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