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Dr. Willms Buhse ist Experte für Digital Leadership, Gründer und CEO von doubleYUU, einer Managementberatung spezialisiert auf die Digitale Transformation.

Money alone does not make diligent

photo credit: calafellvalo via photopin cc Researchers realized this a few years ago. For a long time it was asumed that companies just need to wave with bank notes, and the employees motivation would skyrocket. Wrong. At least partly - because according to Dan Pink's book "Drive. Was Sie wirklich motiviert [what really [...]

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Fairphone – on the road to a better world with transparancy

A good idea, a network and a vision were everything that three young guys from the Netherlands had, three years ago. It went against their grain that smartphones were made ​​under the worst conditions, workers were exploited and children were employed in production. That’s why Bas van Abel, Gabriel Sebastian and Miquel Ballester aim to [...]

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Microsoft goes social – How Social Tools influence the world of work and how Microsoft wants to join in

Microsoft Last year in October we reported in our blog about the completion of SharePoint 2013 and gave the first insights into the new features. We are currently working on the sequel to our Microsoft SharePoint 2010 study. Matching the currently published study by Microsoft about the acceptance of social networking tools we could not [...]

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More than 10 practical tips how to scupper Enterprise 2.0 in every organisation

In the hundreds of Workshops, Speeches and OpenSpaces concerning the topics Change Management and Enterprise 2.0 I have conducted, I heard a lot of enthralling things. And I have experienced many situations with self-confident managers, who shoot themselves and their project directly in the foot. Not meant completely serious, but sadly reality in many organisations [...]

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Happy at work – learn from the “top employers”

We deal in very different kinds of businesses and notice that especially in the digital age, the thought patterns and expectations concerning the structure of the work itself are in transition. Money gets almost a side issue, opportunities for development, a good atmosphere among the colleagues, participation, flat hierarchies and flexible models are getting more [...]

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LIDA Award for Kurt De Ruwe

Networking creates flat hierarchies and binds the employees more in decision-making processes – this exemplifies Kurt De Ruwe, the new CIO at Philips Lighting. Therefore he wins the leader in the Digital Age Award in the category "manager". According to the jury, he deserves this award among other things for the project "Program One - [...]

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What managers can learn from Amanda Palmer

This morning we announced that American singer Amanda Palmer will be honored with a leader in the Digital Age Award in the category Entertainment. Palmer has set a world record last year: She collected $ 1.2 million via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In a guest-article in the Blog of the German magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” I will [...]

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CeBIT 2013: The software pioneer salesforce.com wins leader in the Digital Age Award 2013

The software company that single-handedly almost changed the rules of the game in a billion-dollar market , wins this year's Leader in the Digital Age Award in the category of "pioneer": salesforce.com. The leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software, impressed the jury of the Leader in the Digital Age Award (LIDA) not only because of [...]

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