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Claudia Tobis

Claudia Tobis is in charge of holistically blending new and digital communication methods with more classical channels as well as the consistent implementation of all resulting measures – online und offline.

With more than 17 years of experience in advertising and marketing communications she leads and manages the development of new campaigns and the consistent implementation of any strategies that have been developed.

For several years, she was responsible for local and global projects both in Europe and Asia associated with global advertising agencies and corporations, such as JWT and Jung von Matt for example. In the past she has supported brands such as Wilkinson Sword, Wella, Telecom Italia/Hansenet and Dräger among others. Today her clients include Sanofi Aventis and Nestle.

Along with her team, Claudia Tobis utilizes the whole spectrum of modern media technologies, which allows her to offer a virtual agency office. Consequently, along with high creative standards and a cross-media point of view, a particular customer focus is considered paramount as well.

Claudia also teaches as guest lecturer for global marketing in Berlin.

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