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Digital leadership – inspire, motiviate, network

The Enterprise 2.0 – Management-Consulting

doubleYUU was founded by Dr. Willms Buhse in 2009 and employs 20 employees and freelancers.

The focus of our work is true to our maxim “make work a better place” on the networking of employees, partners and customers of companies. Especially YOU – the individual who uses the Internet – is becoming increasingly important in the age of global digitization and networking.

You is Person of the Year

TIME Magazine also recognized this and declared “You” as the person of the year 2006. “You control the information age, where you can just decide how and with which tools you want to work and communicate.”

To double this “YOU”, ie to increase the networked thinking, the commitment and participation of the individual in the company – to make one “U” into two – is the goal of doubleYUU. The appreciation of the individual and the personal approach – the “YOU” – are also at the forefront of our consulting service. Just “make work a better place.”

And what do we do exactly? We help our customers with the success patterns of the Internet, ie openness, transparency and networking, to find new solutions that are based more on the personal responsibility of the individual.

In the(scope) of Enterprise 2.0 implementations and change management, we enthuse about new social technologies. What does this mean exactly  that doubleYUU enhances networking with open formats such as Open Space event, BarCamp, FedExDays on which digital success patterns are personally experienced. We also offer lectures, workshops, studies, coaching and consulting about the selection and implementation of enterprise 2.0 technologies.

Among our customers are Daimler, T-Systems, Metro, Deutsche Messe AG, the SWR, the Otto Group, Lufthansa and Volkswagen.


  • Convergators Award Finalist
  • Chosen as “Top 50 Most Influential People in Mobile Entertainment” globally in 2006 and 2007 by the Mobile Entertainment Magazine
  • Winner of “Start-Up” competition  in 1999 (McKinsey, savings bank Sparkassen, Stern magazine) in Lower Saxony for IT, today Deutscher Gründerpreis
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