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FedExDay for companies

The event format FedExDay takes its name from a courier service that advertises to deliver everything within 24 hours. The content of this open event format is “delivered within 24 hours,” it is just not a package but a product. On a FedExDay developers and professionals from different areas of the company take their time to deal with issues that are closely related to the products or services of their company.

For one day, they get full autonomy. It is worked on self-defined topics with whoever you want. There are no rules except the ticking clock. Typically, a FedExDay starts at noon at a day in the week and is interrupted by a rest period during the night. At the end of each FedExDay the results of the 24 hour working period are presented to the other participants and if applicable a winner is crowned.

How can doubleYUU help me out with a FedExDay?

We support larger organizations in implementing modern management concepts and application of innovative event formats. A FedExDay is not a single event, detached completely from the corporate reality,. It displays the greatest impact as an integral part in the company’s innovation process. With the FedExDay as a tool stuck projects can get back on the road purposefully or new exciting innovations can be discovered and realized.

doubleYUU we offer assistance in the implementation of numerous forms of open events for companies such as BarCamp, OpenSpace, FedExDay or hands-on workshops.

A FedExDay for your company
We advise competently in choosing the right event format to promote your company-intern innovationprocess and support the implementation.

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