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Open event formats for companies

Hitherto existing forms of meetings in industry, science and politics demand and encourage passivity of the participants. In congresses, conferences or seminars topics and speakers have been set for months and often repeated from year to year. However, a prerequisite for inspiration and motivation is active participation in something new. But how will there be surprises arise when processes are planned in detail and opportunities for participation are limited to question sessions?

The open event formats of doubleYUU are a solution to this dilemma. The relaxed atmosphere in small groups allows constructive-critical discussions at eye level. Rigid hierarchies that can obstruct flow of information and innovation are temporarily overridden.

Take intern and extern advantage of the enormous power of the formats

  • BarCamp
  • OpenSpace
  • FedExDay
  • or a hands-on workshop

to recognize energy flows in your company and to start new projects that are creative and self-organized.

Are you interested in an innovative event for your company?
We advise competently in choosing the right event format to promote your company-intern innovationprocess and support the implementation.

Requests to Anja Hahn:

Phone: +49 40 33429594


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