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Our Services

Lectures and Seminars

We motivate and stimulate the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 within your organization. After a 45-90 minute introduction which includes a round of discussions, the participants are always excited about the next step towards Enterprise 2.0…

Enterprise 2.0 Trend Analysis: Consultancy, Studies and Potential Analysis

We analyze the potential of Enterprise 2.0 in your organization and develop concepts for successful implementation.

Enterprise 2.0 Assessment: Choice of Technology, Tools and Implementation

What is the most efficient strategy for you? With our eye on the technology supplies market and feasibility knowledge, we help you make the right decisions. With the help of our partners, we implement these for you. Just like it all comes from a single source.

Workshops, Future Forums and OpenSpaces

Benefit from open formats like BarCamps, OpenSpaces, FedExDays or Hands-on Workshops. With creativity and self-determination, distinguish the energy in your organization and jumpstart new projects. Just like CoreMedia, dpa and T-Systems have.

Coaching and Supervision

We stay right by your side during implementation. Not in overly-lengthy consultancy projects, but real and personal, just for you. Your success is our goal.

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