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Opinion leader: More than 100 articles (mostly German) concerning doubleYUU and Enterprise 2.0:

Vicious circle: knowledge management between PRISM and Facebook (WEB)
July 2013

Focus Money
Yahoo! against all (PDF)
June 2013

managerSeminare. Das Weiterbildungsmagazin
The end of supervisors (PDF)
June 2013

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
A high-school graduate explains the digital world (PDF) (WEB)
May 2013

VDI Nachrichten .com
Web 2.0 quickens communication in enterprises  (PDF)
January 2013

Business Technology –
Company-Blog replaces e-mail  (PDF)
October 2012

Financial Times Deutschland
BMW gets inspired by web-community  (PDF)
September 2012

How Google redefines the social-intranet-market (excerpt) (PDF)
September 2012

Enterprise 2.0: How social intranets manage the balancing act of demands (PDF)
June 2012
Whitepaper: How enterprises profit of Sharepoint as Enterprise-2.0-platform (WEB)
June 2012
Market-analyses: Sharepoint 2010 as social computing platform (WEB)
June 2012

Hamburger Abendblatt
Constantly-Online: Chatting allowed at work (WEB)
May 2012

Microsoft Server – What Sharepoint 2010 brings social media (WEB)(PDF)
May 2012
Between the worlds – the new management-challenges in a digital world
May 2012

Business Punk
Crowd Cars – Report about Local Motors (PDF)
January 2012

Werte-Index 2012
„Leading situativly is more productive than developing complex visions.“ (WEB)
(Interview with Dr. Willms Buhse)
Januar 2012

Technology Review
The open-source-car (PDF)
December 2011
Mediachange, mobilityconcepts, management 2.0
November 2011

Enterprise 2.0 – the middle-management is the needle eye (WEB)
November 2011
Speed-Dating at convention camp (WEB)
November 2011

CAS Software
Social media influences the companies culture (PDF)
Interview with Dr. Willms Buhse
November 2011

OpenInnovation (PDF)
October 2011

Particle-economics (PDF)
September 2011

Requirement for innovation is information (PDF)
August 2011

Platform strategy – Mission Open Space (PDF)
February 2011

Digital natives put conventional company-structures to the test (WEB)
October 2010
Social media academy extends its program to personalmarketing 2.0
September 2010
Expert-interview Enterprise 2.0 with Dr. Willms Buhse
September 2010

IT-Summit Blog
Interview with Dr. Willms Buhse about IT-summit OpenSpace (WEB)
August 2010

VDMA Nachrichten
Beeing ahead with social media (PDF)
May 2010

Digital business-models (PDF)
April 2010

Hays Inside
On the way to Enterprise 2.0 (PDF)
March 2010

Technology Review
Social business management(PDF)
March 2010

Medienwirtschaftsgipfel Niedersachsen 2010
Enterprise 2.0 – requirements of communication and leadership in future-oriented companies (PDF)
March 2010

Webciety and Enterprise 2.0:
 A snapshot of today’s social computing conversations (WEB)
March 2010

Web 2.0-Future at “Deutscher Ring” (PDF)
February 2010

ARD Tageschau
Willms Buhse hands over chancellor
 Angela Merkel a DNAdigital hoody (ab min 5:35)
March 2010

Successful implementation of social software in companies  (PDF)
November 2009
Web 2.0 turns companies inside out (WEB)
October 2009

How to… Enterprise 2.0 (PDF)
October 2009

Pressetext Nachrichtenagentur
Microsoft adjusts the web-2.0-chaos (WEB)
September 2009

Web 2.0 for companies (WEB)
September 2009

RHW Management
The most successful company for all time (PDF)
July 2009

Hamburger Abendblatt
Power and tiles don’t count (PDF)
July 2009

Hamburger Abendblatt
Smarter networking (PDF)
June 2009

Wirtschaft + Weiterbildung
Kids  as consultants (PDF)
June 2009

Share and cooperate (PDF)
May 2009
Companies learn of a life in an ant colony
April 2009

Cirquent INSIGHT
Web 2.0 – Dead or alive? (PDF)
February 2009

DOK Magazin
The most importants questions of companies about Enterprise 2.0 (PDF)
February 2009

Dr. Willms Buhse starts DoubleYUU (WEB)
March 2009

CIO Magazin
Digital natives meet digial immigrants (WEB)
January 2009

Voices of IT-Summit (WEB)
November 2008

Training Aktuell
DNAdigital: managers meet digital natives (WEB)
December 2008

Harvard Business Manager
Information technology. Books, Online- articles, …
October 2008

Readers Edition
From safer sex to free love
October 2008
The connected world of Enterprise 2.0(WEB)
September 2008

Achim Bode
Enterprise 2.0: And it continues turning (WEB)
May 2008
Web 2.0 for business
June 2008

Change X
“Dream-Ship” Enterprise (WEB)
June 2008

Presse Portal
Radical changes in fields of communications challenge the sector (WEB)
November 2007