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The event format OpenSpace for Companies

The OpenSpace method was “invented” in the United States by Harrison Owen and is considered as a tool for peer to peer communication in the enterprise 2.0. OpenSpace is a method of (non-)structuring meetings and conferences. It is suitable for groups of about 8 to 2,000 participants. The duration of OpenSpaces varies accordingly from 4 to 10 hours.

Characteristic is the openness in form and content: Participants propose their own topics and create a working group on them. In these groups potential solutions are developed. The results are collected at the end. Important is a control circuit which cares for the subsequent implementation.

The goal is to benefit from or to create and to deepen an atmosphere of departure in a short time and with a large number of people where main sub-themes can be discussed innovatively and solution-oriented, so that outcome may generate specific projects. An OpenSpace can produce a wide variety of concrete measures in a short time.

And how can doubleYUU help me out with an OpenSpace?

We support larger organizations in implementing modern management concepts and application of innovative event formats. Key is the correct selection of the participants. They must be directly involved and motivated to create something. Participants that are invited should be as different as possible (professional groups, responsibilities, age, etc.), including the key opinion leaders and multipliers. Participation must be voluntary.

Example of the sequence of a doubleYUU OpenSpace:

  1. Energy push: two participants interview each other about a topic and publish their findings visible for all on bulletin boards.
  2. Subsequently, all participants form a circle. The companion “OpenSpace”.
  3. Content and organization arise from the concerns of the participants. Anyone can bring an issue and take responsibility for it.
  4. The themes are documented on large packing-paper walls. All participants can freely assign to issues now.
  5. Group work period: The participants work self- organized during this time, guided by the “law of two feet” and the principles of the method. The “Invitors” of the working groups are asked to document the results of the group work so that they can also be made available for the other participants.
  6. In an evaluation and planning phase the groups present their results, all participants can give feedback and comment on cards, whether they want to support the project or even collaborate.
  7. “Close space” to: completion and reflection round.

At doubleYUU we offer assistance in the implementation of numerous forms open event for companies such as BarCamp, OpenSpace, FedexDay or hands-on workshops.

An OpenSpace for your company?
We advise competently in choosing the right event format to promote your company-intern innovationprocess and support the implementation.

Requests to Elena Frateantonio:

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