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Dr. Willms Buhse

Digital Leadership

Dr. Willms Buhse is one of Europe’s leading innovative thinkers. His distinct professional capability is the appropriation and interweaving of ideas and stimuli. This is reflected in his curriculum vitae: colorful, engaged with new ideas and global in scope. And not just in Europe: at Harvard and MIT, even in Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Korea – his ideas and insights have sparked enthusiasm with many global listeners all over the world.

Anja Hahn

Project Office

Since April 2009 Anja is responsible for the smooth running of the doubleYUU-project office. She takes care of project management, offers and invoicing, coordination and preparation of workshops and is the contact for internal and external questions. Anja is certified business economist and gained experience in office management, complaint- and quality management, as well as in international recruitment and product management.
As office managers Anja Hahn and her team take advantage of the possibilities of modern media technologies to provide a virtual project office. It is available for customers of doubleYUU at any time and she is able to respond requests spontaneously.

Judith Gentz

Agile Innovation Methods

Judith Gentz is an entrepreneur and seasoned expert on modern innovation and leadership methods based in Silicon Valley. At doubleYUU, Judith Gentz represents the whole gambit of digital transformation: Methods for customer-focused business model development, sound best practices, proven tools, intrapreneurship analytics and the design of frameworks that drive innovation.

Oliver Pasdzior

Strategy Development Specialist

At doubleYUU, Oliver Pasdzior ensures that digital transformation pays off for our clients. In his function, he combines commercial and strategic digital concepts and innovations with established business models. Whether it’s short-term achievements or long-term scenarios – he evaluates business and strategic aspects in detail, keeps an eye on the commercial opportunities and risks of our clients and gets to the heart of existing and new strategies and operational processes alike.

Christian Jung

Digital Strategist

As digital strategist at doubleYUU, Christian Jung brings 20 years of Internet platform conceptualization, design and development experience to the table. He attained his extensive strategic, technological and industry knowledge from projects he completed for leading German service providers such as Tchibo, Deutsche Bank, Comdirect Bank, TUI AG, BMW, Volkswagen, Eventim, Hornbach and Hansgrohe among others.

Cornelia Wanke

Senior Consultant

In her role as senior consultant and expert on change management at doubleYUU, Cornelia Wanke benefits from her many years of professional experience in the mandated health insurance and public health policy sectors. Following her studies in economics and a journalistic training program, she entered the realm of public health journalism and subsequently public health itself.

Angela Taylor

Public Relations & Communication

Angela Taylor is our contact person for any press enquiries. As communications expert she has also provided extensive know-how to our client projects.
Due to her many years of agency experience, she is able to provide expertise in the areas of business, technology and innovations communication.

Alexander Huber

Marketing & Innovation

Alexander is our expert on internet technologies, specialized on marketing and innovation. With his know-how he develops customer oriented solutions – from CRM assisted marketing campaigns to efficient innovation processes – unlocking the potential of the Digital Transformation for companies.

Michael Wolan

Digital Consultant

Michael Wolan is Managing Director at Cologne-based DIGITALE INNOVATION as well as DIGITAL EXPERTEN and one of the leading innovation experts in the field of fast and efficient exploration, development and validation of digital products, platforms and service providers. In his role as digital consultant at DoubleYUU, he serves as contact person for our customers. With his Best Practices methods, he values a high level of investment security by distinctly relying on customer value orientation, early validation in the market and result objectification through external advisers and key metrics.

Markus Kreysch


Bridging strategy and digital, Markus is the expert for data-driven strategies at doubleYUU. His passion evolved while working for leading international consultancies as well as for leading enterprises – always bringing along latest technological solutions. Due to his degree in corporate management from Zeppelin University, Markus is particularly keen on unlocking client value – both, well sounded and applied.

Denise Lichotka


In her capacity as freelancer, Denise Lichotka supports doubleYUU with a variety of clients and projects. Her main focus revolves around conceptualization and analysis—beginning with the development of a project all the way to its execution. With a degree in humanities and relevant PR and Marketing know-how in the healthcare business, her strengths lie in the areas of strategic consulting and communication.

Henrik Schürmann

Change Management

Henrik is the man for change and leadership at doubleYUU. He is an expert in change management and leadership and advises management teams in challenging key situations. With a degree in business management, he has extensive experience in global companies and therefore understands not only theoretically how leadership at a distance works.


Arne Mahn

Design & Usability

Arne is creative consultant at doubleYUU. He is responsible for design and implementation of internal and external web projects. With years of experience, he handles the design of all projects and brings in his technology experience. Due to his web affinity he is always up to date in the use of Web 2.0 tools.

Susanne Thielecke

Human Resources

Susanne is our specialist for collaboration, leadership and employee communication, with more than 18 years of experience in the field of Human Resources. She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and gained several additional qualifications as a trainer, coach and leadership consultant. Susanne is focussing on the human factor in business environments as well as the new employment world, which is highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. With flair and empathy and at the same time result oriented and structured, Susanne stands by your HR processes’ side.

Christiane Capps

Public Relations

Christiane Capps is responsible for our public relations. She is a graduated communications expert and advises consumer electronics and information technology companies on Public Relations for over 15 years. At doubleYUU she ensures the right tone and brings the most important news into the media.

Claudia Tobis

Advertising & Communication

Claudia Tobis is in charge of holistically blending new and digital communication methods with more classical channels as well as the consistent implementation of all resulting measures – online und offline.With more than 17 years of experience in advertising and marketing communications she leads and manages the development of new campaigns and the consistent implementation of any strategies that have been developed.

Daniel Harbeck

Digital Business Models

Daniel put his ingenuity in countless projects for international corporations in the tech industry, media and entertainment. He focuses on projects with marketing-driven business objectives, technology and holistic aspects of usability for achieving the best possible user experience.

Stefan Lamboley

Consulting & Project Management

At doubleYUU Stefan Lamboley is senior consultant and project manager for digital projects. As a certified Business Informatics he translates business requirements into the language of technicians. He gained his yearlong experiences as a IT project manager in various sectors from entertainment to finance. Thanks to his expertise he succeeded in implementing customer-oriented, integrated solutions with a focus on various areas such as CRM, marketing, corporate communications, compliance as well as blended learning.

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