More than 10 practical tips how to scupper Enterprise 2.0 in every organisation

More than 10 practical tips how to scupper Enterprise 2.0 in every organisation In the hundreds of Workshops, Speeches and OpenSpaces concerning the topics Change Management and Enterprise 2.0 I have conducted, I heard a lot of enthralling things. And I have experienced many situations with self-confident managers, who shoot themselves and their project directly in the foot. Not meant completely serious, but sadly reality in many organisations – have fun with the following tips!

  • Compare your internal project with the amazing content from Facebook and Twitter – with that you pick up your enemies out oft he business processes in a perfect way.
  • Search cases to experiment with, for example the plan from the canteen or the badminton group. The people in core business don’t have time and more important things to do anyway.
  • Focus on consolidation of all initiatives as early as possible. Otherwise the high maintenance charges are going to kill you.
  • Give comprehensive PowerPoint speeches, in which you demand participation and dialogue.
  • Switch off all analytic tools because of the works council. Use analysis is overrated anyway and infringes highly upon privacy protection.
  • Shout out loud: „Enterprise 2.0 is 80 per cent culture“ and take care again of bugfixing and templates. Because the managers are in charge of the culture.
  • Make a beautiful image movie about the new workspace. Enthuse over Google and Facebook. That’s how you perfectly get the workers out of their single-offices and department-silos.
  • Communicate the launch as big as possible, so you generate as many support inquiries as possible on the first day.
  • Count on the help of people, who have already created communities and wikispaces on other platforms. They totally love to do the same thing again on your new platform.
  • Make the technical project manager responsible for the Change. He exemplifies that through his own life so well. The Change you can work in passing – first the technology has to be finished.
  • Get the youngest Digital Natives you can find (like apprentices and trainees) and assign them the responsibility for the strategic introduction. Through that you also indicate the importance of the change to you personally.
  • You support your managers with uploading their profiles and photographs yourself – they have to exemplify the whole thing. Even if they actually are not that much in front of the computer. Better launch the mobile support a bit later.
  • Declare instructions and trainings for dispensable. Online everyone gets it immediately without workshops and PowerPoints too.
  • First put a lot of manpower into the technical and social implantation, then take care of other things again. Once started, Enterprise 2.0 runs by itself.
  • To avoid contrary wind, best launch it behind the back of work council, internal IT and management. Transparency only leads to confusion.
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