Some examples of current projects:

  • Conception and carrying out of client surveys for a global real estate corporation in the process of digital transformation
  • Innovative change management for the digital transformation of a major bank
  • Design of a collaborative office concept for the digital sector of a savings bank
  • Strategic alignment of business activities for a traditional mobility corporation
  • Agile Big Data projects for a global chemical corporation
  • Digital leadership workshops on agility, start-up methods and digitization
  • Keynote speeches and conception of innovative management and client events
  • Executive strategy workshops on digital transformation for a food corporation
  • Conception and support of an innovation competition and coaching of winning teams to become entrepreneurs
  • Industry 4.0 transformation concepts for leading global mid-sized companies in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

Some success stories:

  • Management consulting on leadership and communication
  • Preparation, implementation, presentation and wrap-up of workshops and OpenSpaces with Digital Natives and the 120 top managers about the aim of digitization within the organization.
  • Introduction of Change Agents

  • Development of an collaboration platform

„We learn from the generation internet how to communicate, inform ourselves and collaborate in networks. This generation is trendsetter in the private area and will become trendsetter in business as well.“
Alf Henryk Wulf, Chairman of the board of management

  • Keynote speeches on digital transformation
  • Conception and moderation of the “forum of the future”

  • Consulting services to CIO team

  • Requirements analysis for internet and intranet 2.0

  • Identification of saving potential and ROI

  • Technology recommendations

  • Sharing-Platforms for the implementation

  • Project management and implementation

  • Leadership Impulse: Lectures and workshops on digital leadership

  • Implementation workshops on excellence in collaboration, guidance provided to roll-out teams

  • Upper management workshops on digital transformation

  • Samples of extensive case studies can be found here (available in German only) or in my current book “Management by Internet” (available in German only)
  • Board and Top Management workshops

  • Workshops for senior management as part of the Daimler Academy curriculum

  • Strategy and concept to connect digital changer (more in the German Daimlerblog)
  • Ongoing strategy-related consulting services to Chief Digital Officers

  • Concepts for the digital collaboration of international sales teams

  • Management workshops and coaching on digital leadership, collaboration and digitally-integrated cooperation

  • Implementation: Conception, development and support of innovation platform

  • Potential and profitability analysis to determine most effective approach to achieve digitally-integrated cooperation

  • Feasibility study of utilizing SharePoint as intranet infrastructure

  • Intranet requirement analysis based on SharePoint and implementation support of intranet re-launch (requirement analysis, design, template development)

  • Introduction of agility and lean start-up methods

  • Lectures and workshops on digital leadership
  • Design and moderation of global management meetings

  • Senior management workshops on digital transformation

  • Consulting services during set-up and implementation of Big Data initiatives

„With inspiration and technical expertise Dr. Willms Buhse provided our international IT-management team with just the right impulses. Utilizing real-life examples and innovative VOPA-methods doubleYuu has created an optimistic atmosphere of change contributing to a greater level of agility and an accelerated digitization rate.”
Bettina Uhlich, CIO Evonik

  • Development, execution and moderation of innovation events

  • Support during the implementation of digital leadership

  • Conceptual and operative support of innovative competition

  • Design and running of training sessions on digital communication and collaboration

  • Support function in the preparation and running of BarCamps and OpenSpaces on social media and collaboration

  • Transfer of strategy initiative aiding in the implementation of Big Data

  • Senior management consulting and coaching on digital leadership
  • Running of OpenSpace addressing the repositioning of the corporation
  • Cooperation with worker´s council on the subject of collaboration

“Cooperating with Dr. Willms Buhse and his team has shown us that Enterprise 2.0 can create a lot of energy even (or particularly) in a 60-year-old corporation such as dpa. Management consulting services prior to the event and the running of our first OpenSpace were a sensational success for the more than 100 people who participated.”
Meinolf Ellers, managing director dpa mediatec

  • Analysis and development of toolkits utilized in the development of new studies

  • Content development of various analyses and studies

  • Digital communication strategy and implementation

  • Concept and implementation of two roadshows with about 3.000 participants during the Hays-Forum
  • Editing of film clips regarding generation Y: Web 2.0 communication consulting for customer- and partner recruiting

„Willms Buhse understood how to engage listeners in a relaxed way and outline the topic Web 2.0 in organizations.”
Frank Schabel, Head of Marketing / Corporate Communications Hays AG

Direct quotes of feedback sheets: “Your keynote in Munich was outstanding!”, “You spoke from my heart, thus: let’s go for it!”, “A very successful and inspiring keynote”, “…am still thrilled!”, “that was a really interesting keynote last night! It sparked many great conversations“, “Content-wise exciting and presented in an entertaining way.”

  • Workshops for Lufthansa executives on Generation Y; workshop on feedback management for Lufthansa Technik

  • Running of OpenSpaces, workshops and training sessions on digital enablement as well as innovation processes

  • Potential analysis, strategy development and implementation of digital formats

  • Successful strategic repositioning of business sector

  • Development of target image and implementation of digitally-integrated organization

  • Management workshops and coaching on Digital Leadership

  • Utilization and requirement analysis for the usage of integrated collaboration tools

  • Implementation: Introduction of collaboration along with utilization, requirement and communication concept

  • Design and running of FedExDays and BarCamps

  • Keynotes and workshops for customers and partners; monitoring of Roadshows

  • Networking strategies: Design and preparation of studies (available in German only) on SharePoint platform and Cloud strategies
  • Consulting at executive level on Digital Leadership

  • Identification of customer segments, digital needs analysis and personas

  • Conception of digital transformation strategies addressing Multi-Channel-Retail and CRM

  • Implementation: Analysis of customer service processes and introduction of new customer service platform

  • Digital Leadership workshops with participation of all senior executives

  • Preparation and realization of board workshops on Digital Transformation
  • Management consulting on Leadership and Communication 2.0

  • Establishment and support of an collaboration task force for the introduction of a SharePoint platform

  • Development of change management and communication measures
  • Workshop on HR development 2.0 and eLearning
  • Series of seminars on “Leadership in the Digital Age” for all executives of the organization

“The decision to create more transparency using Web 2.0 technology is not just made bottom-up by young Digital Natives but increasingly from the top down.”
Hans-Otto Schrader, CEO Otto Group

  • Keynote speech at customer event on Smart Energy and eMobility

  • Development of digital and integrated communications strategy

  • Content development of various analyses and studies (for more information, please refer to blog on, available in German only)
  • Implementation: Preparation of results and analysis in the shape of a benchmark comparison of Salesforce employees as well as their strongest competitors

“Willms Buhse shows in a practical manner and utilizing many examples how corporations today can be more successful when applying intelligent digital integration. And what´s even more important: He will show corporations how to get there.”
Joachim Schreiner, Head of German

  • OpenSpace with senior management

  • Digital Leadership seminars for senior management

  • Carrying out of technical and management events on digital transformation

  • Implementation:  Strategic support as part of the digitization strategy

  • Design, support, follow-up of various BarCamps and OpenSpaces, including the support, follow-up and planning of subsequent events with FedExDays as part of strategy development

  • To access a comprehensive case study, please click here
  • Preparation and realization of marketing strategy workshops

  • Development and support during the implementation of an awarded social media strategy

  • Realization of OpenSpaces like AutomotiveRELOADED

  • Social media text and video editing for common platforms

  • Planning and executing a study on co-creation in the automotive industry (only available in German)
  • Top Management and Internet generation workshops

  • Workshops on the workplace of the future

  • Keynote on Digital Transformation at the Volkswagen AutoUni

  • Introduction of the digital business strategy

  • Consulting during digital strategy

  • Design examples for social media appearance

  • Board workshops

  • Concept design of Television 2.0 for the Internet Generation

  • Carrying out of workshops with digital natives and internal managers for digital transformation

  • Experience collaboration: The use of Facebook as work tool

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