Flood-Relief in Dresden – a good example of collaboration in times of crisis

Susann Kriesche und Daniel Neumann, Initiatoren der Facebook-Seite Fluthilfe Dresden

© Susanne Kailitz

With the current events round the flood, we can again observe the power of nature. Viewed differently, we can also see the “wow”-effect collaboration, networking and cooperation can achieve. The affected cities are flooded not only in a negative way, but also by thousands of volunteers who diligently fill and stack sandbags or provide food.

Source of information is the social media, especially Facebook. The strongest example is the Facebook page of Flood Relief Dresden. Help requests are just a blink later answered “All right, we are on our way.”. Every second new posts appear as “Hello Dresden I want to help come to you”, “where is still helpers and arm strength needed?”, “Hello. At 15 o’clock 60 sandwiches will be ready “to clothing and accommodation offers.

The initiators of the page Susann Kriesche and Daniel Neumann are still overwhelmed. Sunday the site was online, according to Kriesche. Monday morning they had 45 likes. Currently, the Like-number amounts to 44,718 and rising. Another great collaborative idea had Sven Mildne. He uses Google Maps to enter all relevant information and areas in the map of Dresden; from urgent need of helpers, sandbags, status of flooding to catering and accommodation stations. Who also wants to leave observations can get in touch. Since starting the project the map has been viewed already 2,167,099 times. Truly remarkable.

Google Maps Status Fluthilfe Dresden

Source: Google Maps

We at doubleYUU are very impressed by such work and diligence. Though our main focus as a consultancy for Enterprise 2.0 is just in such values ​​as cooperation, networking and self-organization just about social tools, we are particularly fond of the community management. The operators created a real use case for just these things in the corporate context – really worthy of an award!

What companies can learn from it is that to use and to trust on tools for networking and collaboration, particularly in times of crisis.

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