The phenomenon of Generation Y

An exciting weekend I spent with the extended board of a DAX company. I was invited as a keynote speaker and leader of workshop on Generation Y in the workplace and its meanings for managers.

Five years after the initiation of dnadigital it could be sensed that- the generation is indeed “grown up” – but the demands for more freedom, speed, feedback and flexibility remained and become more concrete.

It was good starting with doing away myths such as it is a generation of self-satisfied, thirsty for attention-know-it-alls, job hoppers and do-gooders.

But it is about development, work-life integration, sophisticated work colleagues, and less to a high remuneration. And this is all good news for businesses and their sustainability!

PS: Subsequent to this we have developed different methods and technologies that can be used to create a more integrated company from an economic perspective. The result here, but unfortunately I cannot share publicly.



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